Are electric scooters allowed on bike paths?

Currently, there are no laws that regulate the use of battery-powered machines in our linear parks. There are no age limits, so you can see a 12-year-old child driving next to you at 25 miles per hour. You might see groups of battery-powered passengers flying around your linear shelter while they check their mobile devices or send text messages. Cities around the world have programs where people can rent electric scooters (e-scooters) and bicycles for short periods.

While the Michigan Vehicle Code doesn't prohibit electric scooters from riding on bike lanes, it conflicts with the Uniform Traffic Code for cities, municipalities and towns. While many of us probably assume that the best place to ride an electric scooter is a bike path based solely on their similar speeds, the truth isn't that simple. While Michigan's electric scooter laws require the local government to publicly publish ordinances related to electric scooters in applicable areas, it's always wise to check with your city, town, or municipality to ensure that you're operating your scooter safely and legally. Since an electric scooter is considered a vehicle under the Uniform Traffic Code, the Code may prohibit the use of scooters on bicycle lanes if adopted by the municipality.

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