Are there any special insurance requirements for owning an electric scooter?

In the United States, local and federal transportation agencies currently don't require electric scooter passengers to have insurance. Passengers are only required by law to have a valid driver's license. While insurance may not be required for scooters, mopeds, or e-bikes in your state, it's generally still a good idea. You can get specific policies that cover your liability for e-bikes, but most don't yet extend to e-scooters.

However, while electric scooters are even less powerful than mopeds and gasoline scooters, it might be worth insuring your electric scooter if you drive it a lot on roads or trails in your city. The insurance requirements for a moped or scooter vary by state, but they generally come down to the power of the moped or scooter. Your credit card or home insurance could come into play if your electric scooter or e-bike is damaged or stolen soon after purchase. Most of the time, you can take out a motorcycle insurance policy for your scooter or moped, but some companies offer separate insurance specifically for mopeds or scooters.

Until then, the only protection that Voom CEO Tomer Kashi has when he drives his electric scooter to work is a helmet and his health insurance. Voom Insurance, an insurance technology company that offers policies for motorcycles, is working on the development of a separate insurance policy for electric scooters. You'll also need to check with an insurance company or insurance agency to see if that policy would cover electric scooters or e-bikes wherever you are, as each policy will be different. Dockless electric scooter sharing programs (“e-scooters”) continue to grow in number, popularity and value.

None of the major insurance companies, such as Progressive or Allstate, yet offer coverage for electric scooters or stand-up e-bikes. However, since general policies basically add to an underlying policy (such as a general policy), if that underlying policy doesn't cover electric scooters and e-bikes, it's not clear if the general policy would as well.

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