Can you ride electric scooter in nassau county?

The state of New York does not allow e-bikes to be registered. Find your senator and share your views on important issues. As of today, electric scooters are officially legal, as New York finally joins other cities in the country in adopting the public transport trend. New York State defines an electric bicycle as a bicycle that is no more than 36 inches wide and has an electric motor of less than 750 W, equipped with fully functional pedals.

Under Vehicle and Traffic Act 125, electrically assisted bicycles and electrically assisted scooters are not considered motor vehicles. The new law, which was passed in summer and took effect today, means that cyclists across New York City can use their own electric scooters and accelerator-controlled e-bikes, which don't require pedaling. Electric scooters have taken off in dozens of cities, including San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, in the past three years. Electric assisted bicycle: several types of bicycles with electric motors and actuable pedals.

So-called electric bicycles with assisted pedaling and electric vehicles classified as mopeds, such as those rented through Revel, were already allowed.

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