What are the most popular electric scooter models?

The best electric scooter for modest budgets. Last-mile scooter that can support more weight than the rest. Apollo City and Apollo City Pro. Here are our top picks for the best electric scooters for adults, children and people who travel daily.

Their thick, shiny tires, as we discovered during our extensive review, are the key to a smooth ride. Each tire is 2.5 inches thick, allowing the scooter itself to have amazing shock absorption—so amazing, in fact, that you'll no longer have to cross a rough road just to avoid small potholes and big cracks. However, it takes more than that to convince people, which is why NIU also included incredible features, such as the regenerative brakes, the always-on Halo headlights and taillights, the zero start (which is activated as soon as you reach 200 meters of driving for safety reasons) and the anti-theft device, which works perfectly. The best part is that, despite all that and more, the NIU KQi3 Pro is surprisingly affordable, more affordable than other premium electric scooters with fewer features.

Read our full review of the NIU KQi3 Pro. You'll be surprised how solid and well-built the TurboAnt M10 is considering its price. It's our best value for money choice for its affordable price, its rugged construction that's better than any of its rivals in this price range, and its incredibly lightweight design. To take a couple of hundred dollars off its label, TurboAnt has stripped it of additional details, which doesn't matter to us at all, since none of them really affect its overall performance and usability.

We have spent a considerable amount of time with this electric scooter and have discovered that it is much more capable than it seems. It has great shock absorption, thanks in large part to its 10-inch tires, meaning you'll drive smoothly even on a bumpy road. Of course, there are sacrifices to be made. The deck is not as spacious and not ideal for climbs.

But for regular trips to the city, this is the best electric scooter. However, its performance is what you would expect in this range, with a maximum of 30 km/h and 10-inch tires that help provide a smoother ride. In addition, its double rear shock absorber should help a lot on more difficult roads. The Unagi Model One E500 might be the most elegant and futuristic electric scooter out there, not to mention that it's impressively light and easy to carry.

And its huge, bright LCD panel looks just as elegant. But it's not lagging behind in terms of performance either. A solid drive with a 1000 W motor undoubtedly has a lot of power for more than just urban trips. That motor should help you take your driver uphill faster than other electric scooters.

Read our full review of the Unagi Model One E500 Don't dwell too much on the specifications of this. The V8 may only have a 450W engine (which, to be fair, is already powerful in its own right), but the fact that it's a front hub motor means that it has the ability to “take off” by distributing weight forward. Therefore, it offers a faster start, allowing you to reach high speeds more quickly. It is one of the few electric scooters for everyday use that we have tested that has decently handled a slope of 20 slopes.

Of course, the fact that it has two batteries means that it has an impressively long range (50 miles to be exact) that TurboAnt combines with fast charging capabilities. You'll also receive an additional charger so you can take out the removable battery and charge both simultaneously, saving you time. If you are looking for a much more powerful electric scooter and you don't mind having a bigger and heavier one, this is the best electric scooter for you. Read our review of the dual-battery TurboAnt V8.Also consider the maximum speed, even if you consider the regulations of your city, state or country.

In the U.S. In the US, different states have different laws on electric scooters and some cities also impose their own (or completely ban them on public roads, unfortunately). In Los Angeles, the maximum speed of electric scooters is 15 mph, which means that driving anything with a top speed of 30 mph may be unnecessary, especially if you pay a lot. Of course, there's also the battery life.

Some of the best electric scooters give you a week of use before you need to charge them. However, the most common thing is that electric scooters to go to work only give you two or three days to work. However, that largely depends on the miles you score every day. An 18-mile electric scooter should last about three days if you have an average of three miles per trip, but you might have to charge it every night if you're traveling more than eight miles per trip.

That largely depends on the model of electric scooter you have and the ingress protection (IP) rating it has. Most commuter electric scooters have protection against water jets from all directions, giving them an IPX5 or IPX6 rating. However, it is not recommended to use them during rain, especially during heavy downpours, most likely in case of floods. Because of its ultra-flexible design, the Glion Dolly is the best electric scooter for those who have to take it on public transport.

Whether you're an occasional user, a daily traveler or a mountain biker, you'll find the best electric scooter for you on this list. Perhaps the only drawback of the Glion Dolly is its small hard rubber wheels and lack of suspension, which makes driving more bumpy than other electric scooters. You won't win any endurance races with the GoTrax XR Ultra, but this affordable electric scooter will get you where you need to go. If you're using it as a last-mile vehicle to get from your house to the bus or train, and then from the bus or train to your office, you'll want to prioritize an electric scooter that's small and lightweight.

There are dozens of varieties of electric scooters on the market, but only a few are worth taking home to ride. Although there are a lot of different brands of electric scooters available, it seems that people prefer well-known and highly trusted brands. Most electric scooters also come with a bell or horn so you can warn others that you're coming, but that doesn't mean you should drive recklessly. As you go up in price, electric scooters will have headlights and taillights, some rear lights will even flicker when you hit the brakes.

To mitigate this, most electric scooters are now equipped with air-filled tires, which help cushion things. A typical electric scooter will have a 250-350 watt motor, which should be more than enough power for most city trips on level ground. We never thought we'd love to drive a big, heavy electric scooter like the dual-battery TurboAnt V8 through urban spaces. .

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