What types of accessories are available for electric scooters?

The first and most important thing on that list will always be safety, the helmet, the front and rear lights, the fluorescent vest, the armored jacket, the knee and elbow pads, the gloves, the eye protection and the storage bag. How do you choose the right one? Not all helmets are of high quality. Don't discount this accessory. If your electric scooter is going at a speed of less than 20 miles per hour and you're driving on soft, safe pavement most of the time, a standard bicycle helmet is probably fine.

They are light, small and generally quite comfortable. If you want more protection, you'll need something more robust. A downhill helmet is the best option here. They have passed more impact tests, but in general they are not much different from regular bicycle helmets.

If you're going more than 20 miles per hour or over bumpy terrain, you should consider an e-bike or even a motorcycle helmet. They are heavier than the other two types of helmets. They give you the best protection, especially if they are full face helmets. They have a chin bar, so the entire face is protected against bumps.

With normal open helmets, you're still vulnerable to serious injuries to your nose, chin, and teeth. Those that cover the entire face protect the head and face. If you have one of those really fast electric scooters or you're driving in a risky area, the more protection, the better. What features should you consider when buying a helmet? The right fit is essential.

Helmets are generally measured in cm, so use a measuring tape to get the circumference of the head. Standard (non-integral) helmets should be level above the head so that the front is no more than 1 inch around the eyebrows. The chin strap should fit snugly against the chin, but without digging into it. For more information, read our guide to selecting helmets for electric skates.

If you have a helmet, you may not think about protecting your eyes. However, unless your helmet is comprehensive, it won't protect your eyes. Intense sunlight affects your vision and, therefore, the safety of your trip. Wind, insects, and rain can also make it difficult to see.

An accessory such as cycling sunglasses will help you. I can't even count the times that bugs have gotten into my eyes, which has forced me to stop completely and get them out before I can continue. Many people take their electric scooters with them to run errands or go to work. At some point, you'll have to leave your motorcycle outside, as most companies don't allow you to bring it.

A padlock is a must, as scooters are often stolen. A cable lock is the most common type of lock. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Because they're flexible, it's also easy to secure your scooter at different angles.

They are usually one step further than cable locks. They are made of metal links, so they are more difficult to cut. The heavier they are, the more secure they are. At the end of the chain there is a padlock.

While chain locks offer a little more security than cable locks, they are more uncomfortable to wear. This type of lock is basically a large padlock. You wrap it around the steering wheel and secure the scooter to a solid, heavy object, such as a pole. They're the most secure padlocks you can get, and they're more affordable than chain locks.

The downside is that you won't always find a place to use the U-lock because of its operation. To learn more about the safety of different types of padlocks and how to lock your scooter, see our guide to the best types of padlocks for electric scooters. When you ride your electric scooter, you should have a doorbell so that pedestrians, cyclists and other e-scooter users know when you're approaching them. There are no bells made just for electric scooters, so you'll be buying a bicycle bell.

There are a few types, such as modern bells, horns and electric bells. What matters most is how the bell sounds. Each one sounds a little different, so you decide which tone you like best. No matter what you choose, the doorbell should be clear and loud, so that people can actually hear it.

Loud bells can scare people. The other feature you could consider is the diameter of the handlebars. Some bells are one-size-fits-all, but others are designed for specific types of bikes. If you buy one that doesn't match your scooter, it won't be mounted properly.

Measure the diameter of your scooter's handlebars before buying a bell if there are several size options. Tire slime (also known as tire sealant) prevents and repairs flat tires. If you have tires on your electric scooter, tire drool is a must. Before you ride your scooter for the first time, buy some slime and apply it to the tires.

Most of the time, it's very easy to tighten it. It pumps it through the same valve that was used to inflate the tire. The Slime brand recommends leaving the sealant on the tires for no longer than 2 years. We recommend using Slime 10004, as it is economical and effective, since it seals flat surfaces instantly and lasts for two years.

Safe to use (non-toxic, non-flammable, etc.). Many e-scooters come with headlights, but they're generally not very good, especially if your e-scooter isn't high-end. Getting an additional front light is a very smart decision. They're made for bikes, but they also work for scooters.

Brightness, which is measured in lumens, is very important. The lumens of the front lights start at 30, but between 300 and 600 works for most cyclists. If you are on roads without lighting, a power of 800 lumens is a better option. If your lumens are high and you're on the road, be sure to tilt the light down a bit.

This way, you won't blind drivers who approach you. Other factors to consider when choosing a front light include battery life, weight, and features such as flicker modes. While the purpose of a front light is to help you see, you need a rear light so that others can see you. The rear lights don't need to be as bright as the front lights, but they do have to make you visible.

Not only are they useful when it's dark, so you'll need one even if you never ride your motorcycle at night. In daylight, you'll need your light to compete with the sun. You can find taillights with different settings so you're not left with just one brightness all the time. The correct thickness of the gloves depends on the speed of your scooter.

If you're keeping a fairly low speed, at less than 10 miles per hour, a standard cycling glove should provide you with decent protection. If you fall a lot, gloves designed for electric skateboarding are a little more resistant. We recommend that you check out these 7 safety tips for electric skates to stay safe on the road before driving. Paul is an environmental engineer turned expert in micromobility.

With mechanical training and practical experience with more than 150 personal electric vehicles, Strobel is one of the leading specialists in the electric vehicle sector. It covers everything from technical guides on the inner workings of vehicles to news on industry development. Most of these establishments do not allow electric scooters to enter their facilities, but they can provide space for storage. Unfortunately, most of these spaces don't offer any security for your vehicle.

This means one thing: you'll need a secure padlock to prevent your scooter from being stolen. There are several types of locks available for electric scooter owners. The most common is the cable lock; it is flexible, lightweight and provides multiple locking angles. However, wired locks are not suitable for high-risk areas, as any determined thief can cut them.

You can also use the chain lock. It is an improvement of the cable lock in terms of security, since it is made of high-strength steel that is more difficult to cut. The only downside is that it's not as portable as the cable lock. Finally, the U or D padlock is similar to a large padlock in appearance and functionality.

It's the most secure and affordable of the three. Unfortunately, it has an Achilles' heel; you'll need a firm object on which to fix the scooter. You can also place ambient lights on the bottom of your electric scooter to increase visibility and make you feel good. Let's review all the well-known accessories for electric skates that can turn your amateur scooter into a powerful ally for your trips to work and everyday tasks, and make your life much easier.

Be sure to check the specifications of the seat you buy, as most electric scooters will need to be installed. Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her goals in life is skydiving, but until that day she has fun testing fast electric scooters. The first electric scooter was basic, with two wheels, a frame, a handlebar and a motor mechanism. Finally, remember that no matter how many awesome accessories you have, they can't make a bad electric scooter great.

If your electric scooter is very fast, you'll need to consider using thicker gloves for mountain biking or motorcycling. The good news is that you can customize your electric scooter to your liking by installing accessories for electric scooters. You can consult the complete guide to the best helmets for electric skates to learn about the different types of helmets and which one to choose according to your needs and budget. However, be sure to check with local laws if there are any restrictions that prohibit electric scooters with seats beforehand.

A carrying strap is an excellent addition to your electric scooter accessories if the weight of the scooter is heavier. These ten essential e-scooter accessories are meant to make your adventures safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. .

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